Holly & Holloway's World Cup Holiday

The Final Approaches!
July 11, 2010, 10:50
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Hello again!

By the time you read this, the World Cup will be over!  As you read this, you know who won, you know what happened.  But as I write, I have no idea!  How weird is that?!

It’s Saturday morning right now, and this afternoon I am off to see a friend of mine who lives here in Johannesburg.  He worked with me in London for nearly 10 years before moving home, so it will be nice to catch up with him.  This evening there is the 3rd Place Play-Off game between the two losing semi-finalists, Germany and Uruguay.  I guess I’ll watch it if I’m by a television, but won’t go out of my way to see it.  It’s a bit of a pointless game to be honest, I and don’t think the players really like to play in it, but there we go.

We went to the Germany Spain semi-final on Wednesday which was fun.  We took a coach there and it took 7 hours there and 7 hours back.  We left the hotel at 8am and got back at 6am the next morning so it was a very long day!  The game was pretty good, although not as good as the Germany Argentina quarter-final.  There wasn’t all that much atmosphere at the ground for some reason.  I suppose it has a lot to do with the fact that there are a lot of neutral supporters at the games now, but even so, the German and Spanish fans didn’t make much noise.  It makes me proud of the support the England fans give, it’s so much better than the other countries!

Thanks for your latest set of questions.  Here are my answers:

Sam A: I think I’ll be supporting the Netherlands, although I don’t really mind too much.  I had been supporting Germany and would have liked them to win, but now I think I’ll root for the orange boys!
Luke: It’s winter!  But actually, the weather has been really really nice, so very different from the winters in England.  Most days I’ve been in a t-shirt which is amazing.  It’s nice and warm in the sunshine, but in the shade it’s quite cool.  I can’t imagine how hot it must be in the summer!
Jessica: It is indeed!  There are a few hotels around here and they all have high gates and walls, electric fences along the top and usually security guards outside.  Some of them even have spikes that come out of the ground to stop cars getting through!  It’s a bit weird.
Eva: Yes, I will DEFINITELY come back to SA, specifically I would love to go back to Cape Town.  It’s a lovely place and will definitely be back.  Tell your parents to take you!
Sam B: I have heard about the magic octopus!  It is absolutely crazy!  He’s world famous now.  I thought people were joking when they told me about it.  I think he’s called Spain for the final, so we shall see if he makes a clean sweep of the whole tournament!
Ellis: What an idiot!  It’s crazy enough even doing that, but to do it about 3 minutes into the game?!  The tickets cost 400 US Dollars.  What a waste!  (It was funny though!)
Amelia: Through Mrs Griffiths’s husband’s sister’s husband Tim!  Just like Mrs G, Tim is my cousin-in-law (if there is such a thing) and he used to work for Parliament Television.  This was about 12 years ago or something and there was less security about the place, they were a bit more relaxed about people going in.  Tim had a press pass and was allowed to bring in guests.  So we had a look around.  It’s really cool, isn’t it.  We even had a beer in the House of Lords Bar.  Did you? 😉

So we have the final on Sunday, then we fly home on Monday evening, arriving on Tuesday morning.  I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by.  This is the longest time I’ve been outside the UK before.  I’ve not missed it all that much!  But it will be nice to get home and back to normality.  And not having to share a bedroom with a hairy man any more!

Thanks for the invitation to see Joseph.  Hope it’s coming along well.  I remember doing plays like that when I was at school, and I quite enjoyed them.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it though because it’s mid-week and I live in London.  I’ll have a word with the Griffiths household and see if they can put me up for an evening.

I’ll probably wait until I get back to England before I tell you about the final.  Hopefully I’ll get some decent photos for you!



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