Holly & Holloway's World Cup Holiday

Cape Point and the Slovenia game
June 25, 2010, 13:00
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Hello all!

I’m glad to hear you’ve been busy since I last posted – I haven’t!  It’s been a fairly quiet few days.  I’ve only got a couple of things to report.

On Monday we went to Cape Point, a peninsular that pokes down south of Cape Town and leads to the Cape of Good Hope at the very bottom.  It’s here that the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet and is known historically as a dangerous shipping route due to the convergence of the two currents.  There were no ships to be seen, however, just waves battering the beaches and cliffs way below our view point at the base of the lighthouse.  Just like Table Mountain, the views were spectacular.

Then, on Wednesday… well, you all know what happened on Wednesday!  It was an early start for us as we had to fly from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.  We arrived in time for breakfast, which we had in a café overlooking the beach.  Amazingly, while we were eating, a group of dolphins (known as a pod) swam across the bay.  An incredible sight!  The weather was beautiful and very warm and we spent a while wandering along the beach or sitting on the promenade watching the England fans pouring in.  It’s a strange thing to see hundreds of fans descending on a place, hanging up their flags and making it their own home for a few hours.  The atmosphere can be quite boisterous, and there is a lot of beer being drunk, but the fans have all been well behaved and, just like Rustenburg and Cape Town there was no trouble.

The stadium in Port Elizabeth is really nice, and definitely my favourite so far.  It didn’t hurt that it was so sunny and warm in there!  We arrived a couple of hours before kick off and watched the place fill up.  I know you all were allowed to go home early on Wednesday to watch the game.  It seems that the local schools in Cape Town were too, and a couple of schoolboys came up and asked to have their photos taken with me.  They were really excited about being at the game and assured me that they were 100% supporting England!

The game against Slovenia was so much better than the Algeria game, wasn’t it!  We played really well for most of the game and definitely deserved to win by more than just one goal.  However, the fact that we had such a slender lead meant that the last 15 minutes was pretty scary!  The noise from the England fans was really loud and I think it managed to drown out the sound of the vuvuzelas!  What did it sound like on the TV?  Hope you heard us!

So we have Germany in the next round.  Well, that will bring back a lot of memories of past games against the Germans.  Of course, I’m far too young to remember the 1966 game, but I remember well losing to them on penalties in the semi-final of the World Cup in Italy in 1990, and then in the semi-final of Euro 96 at Wembley.  But we’ve had better luck since then, especially when we beat them 5-1 in 2001.  That was a good evening!  Let’s hope the spirit of that game is with us on Sunday!

Sadly we leave Cape Town tomorrow (Saturday) and move to Johannesburg for the remainder of the tournament.  I’m going to miss Cape Town, it’s an incredibly beautiful city, and great fun to be here.  Let’s hope Jozi is as much fun!

Now to your questions, my favourite bit!

Joe: The ball’s not great, is it!  This seems to be becoming a theme at the World Cup and European Championships these days.  The manufacturers seem to be intent on making the ball lighter and lighter each time, which is crazy.  If you’ve played with one of those plastic balls they sell at petrol stations then you’ll know what it’s like, the ball swerves around very unpredictably.  Still, I guess it’s the same for all teams.
Eva: Our hotel is a little way outside the city centre so we don’t hear the fans from here, but when we’re out in Cape Town when there’s a game on it’s a great atmosphere.  Last night the place was full of Netherlands and Cameroon fans.  We could here the noise from the big screen in the centre when they scored.  We had left before the end of the game though, as the traffic’s pretty bad when the stadium empties!
Max: The mascot is a leopard called Zakumi.  He has green hair!  Here he is:

Ellis: Because Swindon Town are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!  Also, I was born in Swindon and my Dad took me to games from the age of about 4 years old.  So it’s his fault!
Daisy: Yes!  We saw penguins in Simon’s Town, a place we stopped on the Cape Point tour on Monday.  They were pretty tame and seemed happy enough for us to walk around them and take pictures.  Here’s one:

Sam/Joe: No, definitely not!  The fans are proud followers of Bafana Bafana (the name of the South African team, it means “The Boys”) and were obviously disappointed to be knocked out, but there hasn’t been one single hint of trouble.  Their fans are just not like that, it feels like a festival, and they want to party even when they lose!  It seems to be the same with all the fans, the feeling is very happy and friendly.  I think we all feel very lucky to be here.

Right, that’s it for this post.  I hope you all have a good weekend and by the time you read this we’ve beaten the Germans… on penalties!!


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Hi Rob,

We thought you’d like to hear what we’ve been up to for a change! On Friday we went to London to visit the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. It was great going inside the House of Commons and the House of Lords and made us feel very important. In the House of Lords we even saw where the Queen sits – some people were doing some repairs int here as there was no session that day. At the Tower we saw the ravens being fed and the Crown Jewels – they were very sparkly but not as big as we expected! We also went on Ralegh’s Walk – not as long as we expected!! We were very tired at the end of the day as we’d left school at 5.30am! Is that as early as you’ve been going to matches??!! We didn’t get home until 7.30pm so it was a very long day, but a great experience.

This week we’re practising for our end of year show – Joseph, so another busy week…

Some questions… this is our favourite bit too! You can ask us some questions back if you like!

1) Sally: How up set were you when England got knocked out?
2) Emily/Amelia: Now that England have been knocked out, who do you want to win the World Cup?
3) Jonathan: What did you think of the referee when he dis-allowed Lampard’s goal?
4) Matty: What was the reaction in the stadium when the goal was dis-allowed?
5) Brandon: What went wrong for England?

Anyway, area sports tonight so we need to go – keep our fingers crossed that we do better than England!!

from Holly Class

Comment by Holly Class

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