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On Safari!
June 16, 2010, 21:38
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Hello again, from Cape Town!

We’ve been very busy since I last wrote to you.  On Monday we visited the District Six museum.  During the Apartheid years cities were split into different zones for the different races to live in.  District Six was an area that had been home to many different races but was changed to be whites only.  Over 60,000 non-white Africans were forced to leave their homes, and they had to move to poorer, more overcrowded areas much further outside Cape Town.  The museum tells the stories of many of the people who were moved.  It’s both sad to read about all the misery and injustice this caused, but also happy to hear about how people came back when Apartheid ended.

Then on Tuesday we went on a safari at a private game reserve.  This was great fun!  We sat in the back of a big Land Rover and sped about through the reserve seeing many different animals.

First we saw a family of white rhino…

White Rhino

…then we saw some buffalo, some hippos, a couple of elephants…

Nelly, trumpeting

…some ostriches, lots of springbok, a few zebras, a giraffe or two…

Peter Crouch

…some wildebeest and a small pride of lions, including this beautiful lioness…

Beautiful but dangerous

Today (Wednesday) we went to Robben Island.  This island was used as a prison during the Apartheid years and all those in South Africa who spoke out against the injustice, or who tried to organise protests, were taken here, some for more than 20 years.  We saw the cell in which Nelson Mandela lived.  It was tiny.  It is amazing that a man who was treated so badly and who saw so much suffering was able to remain so strong and dignified, and eventually lead his country to peace and reconciliation.

Now, some of you sent me some questions!  Here are my answers:

Jessica: I think I’ve answered your question!  I’ve not seen any penguins yet though…
Sam: The atmosphere was amazing, but quite different from football matches back home.  First of all, there’s a feeling of it being really special – it’s the World Cup after all!  So everyone was really excited.  And then there’s the noise of the vuvuzelas.  So when Gerrard scored, there was a roar from the England fans, but it was drowned by the horns!  When Rob Green made his mistake it went pretty quiet, but the England fans were only quiet for moment, and then started singing again.  It was a good response.
Ellis: Should Green play in the next game.  I would say that he shouldn’t be dropped because of that mistake.  If Fabio Capello thought before the USA game that Green was the best goalkeeper then he should continue to think that now.  I am glad I don’t have to make those decisions though!
Tyler: No, there wasn’t any trouble.  The only moment was when someone tried to make off with a flag that wasn’t his at the end of the game.  The guy whose flag it was was a pretty big scary Chelsea fan and he certainly made his feelings known to this guy, but it went no further than that.  I am hopeful that there won’t be any trouble from England’s fans even when we eventually lose (assuming we don’t win the whole thing!).  It seems that the thugs don’t travel when it’s a long way away.  There was trouble in France in 1998 and in Germany in 2006, but not a single arrest in 2002 in Japan.
Eva: The weather is weird!  It can change from nice warm t-shirt weather to very cold in a short period of time.  Of course, because we’re in the southern hemisphere, it’s currently the end of autumn, and on the 21st June it’ll be winter.  Imagine being able to walk around in a t-shirt a couple of weeks before Christmas!

I think you also wanted to know if I have a vuvuzela yet!  Well, I don’t but put it this way, I know what I am going to buy your teacher and her husband as a gift from South Africa!

Tomorrow (Thursday) should be another good day.  We’re going to a township to meet some people who live there and play them in a game of football.  I have a load of old Swindon Town football tops to give them, so my team will have a bunch of new supporters here in Africa soon!  I’ll write and let you know how I get on!



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Hello again Rob,

Thank you for the update, your photos are amazing and it was interesting hearing about Robben Island. We don’t think we’d be very happy about being locked up for 20 years! We are looking forward to hearing about your football game.

A few more questions then…

1. Zach: Who is your favourite England player?
2. Victoria: Is there any evidence of the apartheid years now in how South Africans live and get on with each other?
3. Joseph: What did you think about Switzerland beating Spain?
4. Olivia: What was it like inside the prison on Robben Island?
5. Georgia: When you visit the poor areas, do people ask you for money?

Oh yeah – and we have a special (and very cheeky!) request… If you have any space in your suitcase, there is a plea for a vuvuzela which can be presented to the winner of our World Cup sweepstake… we understand if your case is full though!!!

Thank you and speak to you soon,

Holly Class

Comment by Holly Class

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