Holly & Holloway's World Cup Holiday

Hello from South Africa!
June 13, 2010, 20:15
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Dear Holly Class,

Hello from South Africa!  We arrived on Thursday after a very long flight.  We travelled about 6,000 miles (that’s the same as going from Derby to London more than 52 times!) and it took eleven hours.  Spending that long in an aeroplane seat is very tiring!

South Africa is a very beautiful and very interesting country.  Mrs Griffiths may have told you about the Apartheid system that operated in South Africa for many years (if not, I suggest she does so now!).  Between 1948 and 1994, white people and non-white people were separated in South African society.  This meant that non-white people were forced to live in poor, overcrowded areas where there were few jobs and very bad services.  White people had all the best homes, schools, hospitals, etc, and non-white people were not allowed even to use the same buses as the whites. All of this happened even though white people are hugely outnumbered by non-whites in South Africa!

Thankfully, Apartheid was ended in 1994 and now people of all races have the same rights.  There are still many problems of inequality and poverty in South Africa, but things are moving in the right direction.  The World Cup being held here has made the people of South Africa very proud.  They believe that it shows how much they have worked together to make it happen, and everyone here is very keen for it to be a success and for the rest of the world to enjoy the competition.

On Friday the first game of the World Cup took place between South Africa and Mexico.  We went into the centre of Cape Town to watch the game and the atmosphere was incredible!  It was like an all day party with thousands of black and white South Africans celebrating together.  It was amazing to be there, and when South Africa went into the lead, the noise was deafening.  Even though the game ended in a draw, everyone was celebrating as if they had won!

On Saturday England joined the party and we travelled to Rustenburg to watch the game.  It was another long journey!  We had to get up at 6am and flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and then had another few hours on coaches to get to the ground.  English football is very popular in South Africa, so when they saw coaches full of England supporters the locals waved and cheered and blew their vuvuzelas (the horns you can hear constantly blaring at all the World Cup games).  Even workmen building a road waved as we passed!  Inside the ground the atmosphere was electric and the mixture of English fans and South Africa fans made for a great fun time!  You can probably tell I’m enjoying myself from the picture below:

Me, in the Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenberg

The journey home was long and tiring, and we didn’t arrive back in the hotel until 7am on Sunday morning!  After a 25 hour day I was exhausted but it was brilliant and I can’t wait for England’s next match which is on Friday in Cape Town.  Excellent, no long travelling on that day then!

If you have any questions or comments about the World Cup or my visit here I’d love to hear from you.  You can add a comment to this post or email me and I’ll get back to you!



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Hi Rob,

Thanks for your blog, it sounds really exciting and we’ve enjoyed hearing about your trip so far. We have a few questions for you…
1. Jessica: Have you seen any exciting animals yet?
2. Sam: What was the atmosphere like when Gerrard scored and when Green made THAT mistake?!
3. Ellis: DO you think Green should play the next game?
4. Tyler: Was there any trouble at the game or was it all a good atmosphere?
5. Eva: What’s the weather like – it is very hot?

We look forward to hearing your next update!!

from Holly Class

PS – We’d also like to know if you have a vuvuzela yet!!!

Comment by Holly Class

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